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Monday, July 27 2015 @ 11:24 PM AST


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Two fugitives at large after Trinidad and Tobago jailbreak

Trinidad and Tobago media today have been reporting live how three prisoners who broke out of the Royal Jail on Frederick Street in Port of Spain sent the capital city of 250,000 scurrying for shelter and safety.
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Jamaica to repay US$1.5 billion to Venezuela for PetroCaribe

Jamaica on Thursday (July 23) sold about US$2 billion in bonds, of which US$1.5 billion will be used to repay Venezuela for PetroCaribe, according to investor roadshow documents. PetroCaribe is a programme initiated by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to sell oil at lower-than-market prices with the difference payable at interest rates as low as 1 per cent over 25 years, and in kind (rice, bananas, clothing, etc).

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No lighting at $1 billion Tarouba stadium encourages looting: Mowlah-Baksh

Absolutely no lighting at the Tarouba stadium encourages looting, David Mowlah-Baksh believes.

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Dominican Republic tourism industry will remain strong with Cuba opening

Dominican Republic's tourism will be unaffected by Cuba opening to more US travelers, S&P said:

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Impact of Baha Mar resortís delay and legal disputes on the Bahamas' growth, fiscal targets

Moody's Investors Service said in a July research note:

Baha Mar, a casino and hotel resort valued at US$3.5 billion, has the potential to boost the Bahamasí (Baa2 stable) economy and support the sovereignís credit profile. The project has been delayed as the parties involved in its development are in the midst of a legal dispute that, if not resolved over the coming weeks, could push the opening into 2016. Our baseline is that a resolution to the dispute will be achieved and the project will most likely be completed before the end of 2015. However, a protracted delay would impair economic growth this year and next, and slow the pace of the governmentís fiscal consolidation effort.