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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 11:05 PM AST

Land, air and sea transport to be upgraded in 2011

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Transport and communication infrastructure is fundamental to economic and social development. In light of this, an overall allocation of $182.1 million has been made in the 2011 Public Sector Investment Programme for development of the enabling infrastructure. Projects and programmes are planned for implementation in the areas of land, air and sea transport, as well as systems geared to facilitate improved delivery of government administrative services. Improvements at the nation’s airports will be continued with an allocation of $30 million to the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. Activities will focus on the following:

• Procurement and installation of incinerators at Crown Point and Piarco to burn biodegradable and non-recyclable waste

• Commencement of construction of perimeter roadway and fence line at Crown Point and Piarco with an allocation of $10 million

• Completion of the North Terminal Food and Beverage Court to meet Public Health and Safety Regulations

• Implementation of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

• Installation of Security Systems (CCTV and Access Control Systems)

• Provision of parking for bonafide airport taxis and facilities for local food vendors at the Airport Landside Transit mall
In an effort to improve safety on our nation’s highways, the sum of $6.9 million has been allocated in 2011 for the implementation of traffic management measures. The sum will finance the Supply and Installation of Zebra Crossing Street Furniture, New Jersey type barriers on highway medians, cable barriers for roadside edges and backup power supply for traffic signals.

Efforts to provide an improved public transportation service will be continued with an allocation of $32.5 million to the Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC). The resources will be used for:

• Purchase of 24 new fifteen seater buses to service the differently-abled community

• Acquisition of a GPS vehicle location system

• Upgrade of the Port of Spain Maxi Taxi facility

• Development of passenger facilities at Arima, Rio Claro, San Juan, Curepe and Tunapuna
• Commencement of pre-investment work for the creation of a new City Service Passenger facility at South Quay, Port of Spain

• Installation of Food Controal Water Recycling and Bus Washing Systems at Sourth Quay, Port of Spain

In the area of Sea Transport, the sum of $55 million has been allocated for the water taxi service. Planned works include the upgrade of terminal facilities at San Fernando and Port of Spain and design and construction of terminal facilities at Chaguaramas and Point Fortin. The sum of $3 million was also provided for both the upgrading of the facilities of the Government Shipping Service at the Port of Port of Spain and the upgrading and modernization of navigational aids.

The Postal Sector Reform project will continue in fiscal year 2011 with an allocation of $6 million to Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation. Improvement in the postal services is planned through the following activities:

• Purchase of hardware and supporting software licenses for the upgrade of IT infrastructure

• Commencement of the extension of the facility at the National Mail Centre and installation of CCTV cameras and other safety equipment at the Centre and satellite offices

• Purchase of software for an Electronic Document Management and Track and Trace System

• Purchase of six (6) SUV vehicles to upgrade the Transport Fleet

The IDB funded E-Government and Knowledge Brokering Programme has been provided with an allocation of $8 million in fiscal year 2011. The focus will be on the continuation of the Public Sector Transformation Agenda, the provision of technical support to Ministries and Departments to develop and implement their Transformation Programmes and capacity building of public institutions through effective knowledge transfer on best international practices.

Implementation of the Government’s ICT Plan will continue with the sum of $5 million. The project involves the provision of public access to government information and services online (ttconnect Online) via the e-Government Portal, connectivity and inter-connectivity for all Government Ministries and Agencies (GovNeTT) and the SME B2B Marketplace (Enterprise NeTT).

CREDITS: Information sourced from Government’s publication “Facing the Issues: Turning the Economy Around”
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