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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 02:04 PM AST

Trinidad and Tobago wins gold at London 2012 Olympics

Trinidad and Tobago won its second Olympic gold medal in its history minutes ago at London 2012 in the Men's Javellin Throw at Olympic Stadium. Keshorn Walcott now joins the ranks of Hasely Crawford, after whom is named the national and largest stadium in Port of Spain.

Cars were heard tooting their horns throughout Port of Spain, San Fernando, Chaguanas and Arima as this tiny twin-island nation of 1.3 million celebrates what has taken it 36 years to accomplish. Hasely Crawford won the country's first gold medal in 1976.

Toco, a beach and fishing village on the north east tip of Trinidad, the larger of the two islands, is also celebrating. The quiet village is going to be stampeded with tourists, politicians, opportunists and many others over the next few months.

As the country is also celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence the political milking of this event is expected to leave the cow dehydrated. Citizens in a country with one of the highest number of public holidays (and cabinet ministers) in the world, have already started calling for a holiday.

Successful athletes in Trinidad and Tobago are usually lavished with attention and gifts from the government of the day. Sports Minister Anil Roberts led the Trinidad and Tobago delegation to London.

Walcott went to London as another of the underdogs from Trinidad and Tobago. Hopes for medalling rested more heavily on the shoulders of star swimmer George Bovell, well-sponsored star sailor Andrew Lewis, and past Olympic medal winner Richard Thompson.

Traffic is also being reported in the Diego Martin, Port of Spain west area.

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