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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 05:11 AM AST

Trinidad & Tobago signs academic agreement with Puerto Rico

Photo by Patrick McDonald, Flickr

Trinidad & Tobago has signed an academic agreement with Puerto Rico, Colombia's Caracol Radio reported Friday. However, since the week-old trip to the Samoa islands in Oceania ended, nothing has been shared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mission leader Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran, or any other member of the very large delegation on the outcome.

At the time of writing this, the latest on the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Foreign Affairs website on the Samoa trip was a "September 3 Dateline" only then saying that a delegation was going. The meetings started on September 1.

Other countries have been announcing what their representatives did and said in Samoa, in the interest of the taxpayers who funded said government workers' to go there, but from Trinidad & Tobago, unapologetically nothing.

Minister Dookeran led the country’s very large delegation consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development; Ministry of Food Production; Ministry of National Security through the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management and Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development.

Here Puerto Rico's Secetary of State David Bernier speaks:

No details were afforded on the academic agreement.

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