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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 06:58 AM AST

Israel promoting terrorism, Venezuela says at UN General Assembly

"No es posible que a 70 aņos de la ONU, desde el Estado de Israel se promueve el terrorismo," was the exact quote in Spanish on Venezuelan state social media.

A rhetorical question when translated, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Delcy Rodriguez said: "How is it possible that after 70 years of United Nations (UN), terrorism is promoted from the state of Isreal?"

She later added: "If we want to fight terrorism, we have to do so with frankness."

Terrorism cannot be fought with violence, she said.

The foreign affairs minister said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called for "new geopolitics of peace."

The world is clamoring to know who is financing and arming terrorists, she said.

She also took a swing at the dominant force in the world economy. She said: "We have to talk about the economic model that is generating poverty."



Photo by PDVSA

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