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Tuesday, September 26 2017 @ 05:11 AM AST

Will opposition win in legislature really change anything in Venezuela?

Before the fight ruling President Nicolas Maduro, heir to Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan opposition has to fight amongst themselves over who will be their leader and what will be the priorities on their legislative agenda.

With the "united Opposition" looking like what it does, (see above) will they be able to agree on anything anytime soon?

"Oficialismo" represents the incumbent Maduro government.

Primero Justicia and Accion Democratica (AD), the two largest in the opposition coalition will each want to put up their leader. AD is one of the oldest parties in Venezuela. It is like the PNM of that country. It will be amazing, if not miraculous, if they concede leadership to Primero Justicia, a party founded by a "Judge Judy"-type of TV personality.

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