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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 03:21 PM AST

Uber-short movie reviews: Raees, The Space Between Us, Split


Of these three movies, SPLIT is by far the best. It required impeccable acting by James McAvoy. Casey Cook was good too.

It ends with the bad guy getting away and two of the three girls getting killed. Obviously the more psyched of the three survived: Casey Cook.


Was not as much a waste of time as I thought. It was just a plain old waste of time, no wonder the crowds loved it. It's amazing what I've discovered over the years doing this job. The masses really love low-intellect material: lots of violence, lots of erotic dancing.

It ends with Raees dying or allowing the policeman, Majmudar, to kill him.

A little overkill on how 'tough' Shah Rukh Khan is but it's a movie and that's what seems to draw the crowds. This reminds me to say something: RESIDENT EVIL & RAEES are the top movies in Trinidad and Tobago right now. Sad but true.


This movie was another surprise. I was expecting total teenage trash. It turned out to be just sci-fi teenage trash but with a dash of thought-provocation, so not too bad.

It ends exactly how you expect it to end: with the boy having to go back to Mars; the tough girl watching him all teary-eyed go away; and the boy's astronautic foster mother adopting the tough girl and training her to go to Mars.

The stupid suicide attempt - which Tulsa (the girl), did not convincingly try to stop, btw - was rather selfish of him. You have this girl who loves you and you plan to kill yourself? Doesn't make sense, but it made even less sense that she didn't try very hard to stop him. She waited until he dived in and somehow, as tough as she was, just couldn't pull him out.

The idea that the bad guy turned out to be his father was also very unoriginal, Allan Loeb. How many versions of Darth Vader are we going to regurgitate to the movie-watching public?

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