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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 11:14 PM AST

Logan most watched in Trinidad & Tobago right now

Short movie reviews


Logan is the most-watched movie right now in Trinidad and Tobago.

The thrilling action offsets the major script flaws like why didn't the mutant kids use their powers all the time to fight off the incoming army that caught up with them when they were trying to flee the border to Mexico.

It was a good time-waster though - not the worst movie I've seen and yes, it's perfect if you just want to sit and have some mindless entertainment.

Ends with Logan dying so I guess the little girl and her friends will be the stars of coming sequels.


Good movie, happy ending. Stupid romantic plot throughout but at least he didn't stay with her and live happily ever after. That would have killed it.

It ends with the star riding off into the sunset and the love interest looking on


This movie is still doing surprisingly well in Trinidad and Tobago still but I guess it's all about the porn.


It was alright. Good mindless entertainment. Made no sense and it's all about revenge and imagine impeccable accuracy in shooting.

I don't remember how it ended and that is testament to how mindless it is, but it was a good pow-pow if you have nothing better to do.


Some sick stuff but it's off the screens now, so it doesn't matter too much. The star rides of with the inbred girl on a motorbike in the end, presumably to live happily ever after.

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