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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 11:14 PM AST

How corruption keeps women down especially

Trinidad and Tobgao's tolerance of corruption is one of the highest in the world. An Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) study found that it is the 4th best place in the world to be corrupt. Corruption finds friends in Trinidad and Tobao in many high places as regulators are kept weak and in the pockets of those toting away public resources. Keeping data availability weak i.e. doing nothing to solve the data issues so many have flagged also supports corruption.

The post-colonial syndrome also has many, including women with their eyes wide open, allowing robbery of national resources to take place right under their noses because they assume that if you're from the land of the former coloniser, everything you do is right.

Headlines appear in the news media almost every day highlighting corruption and the docile population, as one minister put it on November 2, last year, "hasn't rioted yet."

Corruption affects women and girls more than men and boys. The following is an adaptation of a graphic, circulated by the IDB yesterday, showing how corruption hits women and girls harder.

Every day more people are gaining access to water and healthcare

However, many still have to do without

Two out of every five girls in developing countries miss about 5 days of school per month because of a lack of water and bathrooms in their schools (because corrupt government officials are pocketing the money that should be spent on school inrastructure)

When they grow up, they may find the same problem in their places of work, especially if they live in a country like Trinidad and Tobago, where the government service is the largest employer. This causes absenteeism and reduced income.

In addition, women who are kept uneducated and poor find themselves having to use unhygienic substitutes for sanitary napkins

Menstruation is not a minority issue. Every day more than 300 million women and girls are menstruating.

Menstruation is an integral part of our lives


Taking water and healthcare to women by demanding the removal of corrupt people from decision-making positions

Ever tried to find soap and paper in public restrooms? Report theft of these small but important items to menstruating women.

Educate boys and girls about menstruation.

The original info-graphic "What's the Connection between a Country's Development and Menstrual Hygiene?" was authored by Loeff, Adriana; Pascal, Lucía; Núñez, Anamaría; Monje Silva, Andrea and dated March 2017

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