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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 03:17 PM AST

Before I fall is deeper than it looks

It's a pity it won't unseat Logan though.


It's a deep movie. Interesting ending. As the name suggests, she dies in the end, saving the isolated teenage girl. Given its strong message though, I expect it to fall to screen 3 (smaller) from screen 2 by week 2. People don't like to think so much. Why Him? is more the kind of trash people want to see. I was pleasantly surprised to see Miss Deutch in a good movie so young in her career though. Hope she keeps it up and doesn't become an Ice Cube or Morgan Freeman - will act in anything.


This movie is surprisingly funny and not as much trash as it seems. This is the best movie I have seen Ice Cube in so far. Hopefully, now that he doesn't need the money, he remains selective. The movie carries a strong message about America's public school system. In the end, they do, of course fight but they learn a lot along the way. Nobody wins. They become friends in the end.

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