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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:14 AM AST

NGC Chairman: Clear violations took place at NGC under previous Govt

NGC Chairman Gerry Brooks yesterday at the 14th Public JSC Meeting: Public Accounts (Enterprises) Committee, his first appearance for the company.

* NGC sales reduced 25% 2013-2015;t=10m22s

* NGC spent $90 million drafting a strategic plan;t=27m40s

* Doing little to correct or prevent recurrence

* APO confirmed;t=75m26s

* NGC loaned staff money under line item 'staff loans';t=85m30s

* Cost overrun in project that went from $585 million cost to $1.2 billion

* T&TEC owes NGC $3.5 billion

* NGC paid out dividends in excess of its profit after tax;t=118m00s

* Brooks: "Clear violation of the State Enterprises manual by the then directors";t=121m00s

* NGC paved roads;t=128m40s

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