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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:06 AM AST

BAMSI Testing New Varieties of Sweet Potato

The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute’s (BAMSI) strident efforts to advance the Bahamas‘domestic food security programme is yielding success. Eight varieties of sweet potatoes and two cultivars of cassava were produced at BAMSI’s locations in North Andros and Abaco.

This latest move by BAMSI, which underscores the Government’s mandate to “Grow with us”, stems from regional partnerships with the Research Institute for Tropical Roots and Tubers (INIVIT) in Cuba, and agricultural agencies CARDI-IICA.

The new sweet potato varieties and cassava were successfully grown and harvested in April at the North Andros site. This remarkable achievement shows that BAMSI, in collaboration with the regional research institutions, can provide sustainable and suitable varieties of roots and tubers for the domestic market.

The advantages of these new varieties are that they are superior in nutritional value and yield.

These varieties are great for diabetics. They have a low glycemic level. The sweet potatoes are not only useful for the traditional meal preparations but they are sturdy and delicious as fries. Sweet potato salad is also another viable way to serve this produce.

They are also good sources of carbohydrates for poultry, pigs, sheep and goats.

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