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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:05 AM AST

'Impoverish the population so that they can remain in power'



While Maduro and his Regime are playing socialism and getting away with Fidel Castro and his brother’s Revolutionary Plan, and while countries who are benefiting from Venezuela’s natural resources turn a blind eye, Venezuela’s citizens are suffering in the most unprecedented humanitarian crisis in it’s country’s history.

While we can all sit back and watch the death of Venezuela’s democracy, we should not be so inhumane to allow Venezuelan’s children, elders and their sick (to highlight those at risk) TO DIE OF STARVATION AND MALNUTRITION. The Maduro Regime has caused a collapse of the food and pharmaceutical industry in this country, and they now control who gets food (not medicine) and how much, depending on if you agree with his Revolutionary and Socialism Ideology or not. “If you don’t, you won’t be able to access the recently implemented “CLAP” food program that consists of bagging the food that the Maduro regime thinks you should eat, and selling it to you at what they also think is a “JUSTICE PRICE”.

Venezuela’s Public and Private Health sector has collapsed and only those who can leave the country and find medication have a chance of surviving. Venezuelans and other NGO’s have been calling for International Organizations such as the Red Cross and United Nations to please help Venezuela citizens (not the Maduro Regime) to ensure access to medicine and food through a Humanitarian Channel that can guarantee that goods & supplies will be distributed to those in critical need, and not to the Venezuela Army which is just another arm of the Maduro political party PSUV.

Since 2014, concerned citizens in Trinidad and Tobago have made many attempts to send food and medicine to Venezuela, but only very little can be sent through the normal couriers which have increased the shipping price due to the demand.

The people of Venezuela Need our help T&T, let’s not leave politicians in our Latin-American and Caribbean region to do what they do best, which is to impoverish the population so that they can remain in power.

So today we call to all the Humanitarian NGOs and concerned citizens, to help break the barriers and facilitate the opening of a humanitarian channel to Venezuela so that organized and credible organizations in Trinidad and Tobago can ship and distribute the food and medication that is being donated by thousands and is not being allowed to enter the country.

You, Trinidad and Tobago, those who can help, need to step up and just do what is morally right.

Heidi Diquez
And many concerned Trini/Vene citizens.

Photo by Drea Tuka, Flickr

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