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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:05 AM AST

Mothers support local agriculture

by Omardath Maharaj, Agricultural Economist

Mothers play a decisive role in household food and nutrition security, dietary diversity and the family’s overall health and well-being.

On this day I share greetings and respect for the women in Trinidad and Tobago including my own mother and my wife.

The productivity and face of the agriculture and fisheries sector has evolved significantly over the years as women have gone beyond their homes, farm gates and our shores. Women have also excelled in several other facets of national life and continue to be the bedrock of the family and drivers in industry and communities.

Given the current economic circumstances and prospects facing our country, we must acknowledge and revisit the fact that women are proven to be the social and economic foundations of rural communities and their resilience is a major contributor to sustainable livelihoods. To this end, we must do more to shelter grassroots people as we seek to share the burden of adjustments across the country and economy.

On a national front, together with the Tableland Pineapple Farmers Association and other stakeholders, we have showcased the resilience and dynamism of women in addressing the challenges brought about by rural neglect, policies and structures at the community level and how this relates to their own journey of life and country. The contribution of women has been a pillar in the success of the National Fruit Festival, Eat Local Day and other forms of advocacy, public education and awareness around the local food industry.

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