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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:04 AM AST

Venezuelans still cleaning up after Petrotrin's latest oil spill

* Only 5% of the idyllic Los Roques archipelago was affected but that's still 5% too much.

* Petrotrin has been having recurring oil spills since 2013. An asset integrity study was commissioned (millions of dollars were spent) to come up with answers and 'solutions' everybody already knows: Petrotrin's infrastructure is ageing and needs to be upgraded. However, to date, nothing has been done. Neither has there been any accountability. No one, except a few low-level managers and employees a few years ago, lost their jobs. Petrotrin's chairman and board remain untouched, and un-resigned, giving new meaning to the term 'honourable'.

* For the full story in Spanish, visit:

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