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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:04 AM AST

Massy CEO Gervase Warner says it, but very diplomatically

So diplomatically, it's almost easy to miss.

Every wondered how our people could allow so many to come from outside and plunder the land and resources, exploit the people and move on unscathed?

Ever wondered how a finance minister could run the economy into the ground and get away with it, and in fact, even have his mismanagement defended by his superior?

Massy Group CEO Gervase Warner said at an event with Sir Richard Branson in Barbados: "I think part of it is that we in the Caribbean with our history and heritage, don't look within for leadership - we look outside. I worked in the States and now I'm in Trinidad. I can see that here (in the Caribbean) we're still stuck in the old, very hierarchical model of what leadership looks like - that doesn't feel good to people. We’re not as far down the path to enlightened leadership as other places."

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