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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 03:33 PM AST

All eyez on me flops in Trinidad

SCORE: 6/10
ALL EYEZ ON ME was very graphic, and somewhat pornographic but thought-provoking. No wonder it flopped in Chaguanas (lasted one week on screens) and is seeing weak attendance where it is still showing. It calls on viewers to think too much. People here prefer mindless trash. This is perhaps why The Mummy is now doing best. It ends as it did historically. He dies after barely surviving two attempts on his life, but Tupac Shakur had small successes along the way. The second attempt on his life killed him eventually at the hospital.

SCORE: 6/10
Rough Night was somewhat funny. It ends with everybody predictably living happily ever after, and the boyfriend - meanly portrayed as a nerd - saving the day.

SCORE: 4/10
The MUMMY was trash but not the worst trash ever, so it gets 4/10. Tom Cruise takes a demon upon himself and this is sold as a good he did to save and bring back to life his love interest. It's really foolish though because the final scene is of him and his partner riding off into the desert looking fine. It also misleads viewers into believing spiritual problems can be solved with human means, like shots (injections). Very, very stupid. I expect it to last quite long on screens and prosper. Sadly some will get possessed around the world because they think they can cast off demons with medicine or science.

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