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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 03:32 PM AST

Transformers, Baby Driver movie reviews

short n' quick

Score: 5/10
The moviemakers vulgarized the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table but they are not the first to do that this year. So did Guy Ritchie in "King Arthur - Legend of the Sword". It goes to show a good classic story spawns many other not-so-classic stories.

However, Transformers needed this boost, especially as a franchise that is outgrowing its increasingly immature, adult audience. Naturally, the cinema was packed and although it's in its second week on screens in Trinidad and Tobago, still enjoys the #2 spot.

It ends like all money-hungry franchises, leaving room for a sequel. The good guys save the planet, of course, which for some strange reason is always under attack starting in the US or the UK, never more populous countries like China or India. In the end, the bad girl (the bad guys die) transforms into a human being and is about to form a new army.

I guess Izabella with a 'z' will get some more work with Mark Walhberg, and I bet the romantic theme will persist in the sequel, possibly with the young boys who open the movie in the Chicago stadium. They absolutely have to bring back the chubby Afro-American kid to spice up this lame movie with some funny wisecracks.

Also worth mentioning is that there is a terrible inconsistency in the fact that the English girl (Wahlberg's love interest) finds a stripper dress to wear after she was sequestered and taken to Anthony Hopkins castle. It's in the details that a good movie is made. Somebody messed up here. Or are we to assume a smart lady like her would undress in the home of an old man she doesn't know, and wear clothes he provides for her, and listen to his explanation after?

Overall, however, this movie gets a passing grade of 5 as it was better than expected. Expectations were really, really low. Also, they get a passing grade of 5 because it was kept PG-13 as promised, which is quite unusual these days.

Score: 5/10
Baby Driver will rule the screens for a short while, until Despicable Me 3 comes out in Trinidad and Tobago in two days.

Like Transformers, it is surprisingly not as bad as it looks. Of course, for a movie to be successful in this market it needs to be deeply mindless, violent and have some under-dressed females running around.

Baby Driver hits all of these nails on the head.

However, it does have a somewhat positive message. There is a path out of crime.

The dirty money used for good is not bad either.

Given the theme though - fast cars, guns, violence and sex - I expect the moviemakers will be doing a sequel and the star of 'The Fault in Our Stars' and other brilliant movies will be seen lowering his standards just like Anthony Hopkins did by acting in Transformers.

Jamie Foxx disappointed a long time ago, after he descended from playing Ray Charles to all the trash he's in now.

I guess it's all about the money now. The art of cinema is dead.

Score: 5/10
This movie does not have the usual amount of singing and dancing that Indian movies tend to have but does feature some. It highlights the power of peace and friendship over war and violence, so understandably, it didn't las long on blood-thirsty Trinidad and Tobago screens. The setting was a (possibly historic) border conflict between China and India years ago. In the end, the brother Bharat is found alive. In his almost-dying moments he gave his shoe to a comrade who was mistakenly identified as him (Bharat). This was an OK movie with a powerful message against racism.

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