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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 03:32 PM AST

Trinidad & Tobago earned approximately US$331 million from tourism in 2016

In response to a question in Parliament on June 23, the Trinidad and Tobago Government said the country earned about US$331 million from tourism in 2016. The following is from the Hansard of that day:

The Minister of Planning and Development (Hon. Camille Robinson-Regis):

Thank you very kindly, Madam Speaker. On behalf of the Minister of Tourism, the tourism industry has the potential to significantly contribute to the national economy once its potential is maximized. In 2016, the revenue generated by visitor arrivals to Trinidad and Tobago was estimated at $2.232 billion based on the data collected from the tourism baseline survey in Trinidad. Foreign exchange was generated in the major categories of accommodation, entertainment, tours and sight-seeing and culinary.

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