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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 03:32 PM AST

Spider-Man: Homecoming, Transformers, Wonder Woman drawing crowds in Trinidad & Tobago

Timing influences box office sales like that! Spider-Man: Homecoming; Transformers (2nd week); and Wonder Woman (7th week) are ruling cinemas in Trinidad and Tobago.

Score: 4/10

This movie was terrible. Unless you're an Ironman fan, you will absolutely puke. If you have taste and absolutely have to watch this movie, walk with a vomit bag.

I will not insult trash by calling it trash.

It ends with an offer by Ironman to Spider-Man to become an avenger and him (the kid) turning it down.

This is a really, truly, profoundly stupid movie. No wonder it is doing well here.

In the absolute end, the kid gets a spare suit from Ironman so he can be the village hero while he finishes school. His aunt of course sees him trying on the suit because he was too indiscreet (or just too high-IQ) to close the door, just like his super-powers didn't help him detect his chubby friend was in his room when he came in on the ceiling.

Ironman takes on some kind of father-figure role but totally sucks at it.

All the attempts at humour flop miserably, and I mean ALL.

The sole purpose of this movie must be to give teenage girls and un-fathered children a dream or fantasy.

I believe an apology should be issued to Spider-Man fans for the making of this movie.

Score: 5/10

This movie was moderately funny.

No powerful messages, just mindless humour when you want to prove to the world that you can be mindless too.

In the end, the girl gets to go to college, and the bad guy goes to jail.

Nothing creative about it, and in America, there's no way something like that could ever have really happened. The illegal casino would have been busted much earlier.

It was good for a few laughs though... emphasis on a few.

I like the Amy Poehler and Will Ferrel humour as usual, sometimes very direct and they say truisms disguised as jokes.

Unfortunately, I don't see this movie having a third week. Maybe it will get a second, if nothing new and better comes out next week.

However, the timing is tough.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, which I may or may not review because it looks like trash, is already drawing a crowd.

Score: 5/10

Like The House, this movie may have done better if it were not timed with Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and Transformers.

It ends with the brother returning to villainy and leaves lost of room for a part 4.

They get the diamond and they get their jobs back in the end.

That's about it.

It's moderately funny. It will muster a few laughs, mostly from the minions.

For children though, it's well timed for the July/August holidays. Kids won't care. They will love to see it.

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