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Wednesday, October 18 2017 @ 02:11 PM AST

War for the Planet of the Apes pushed out Spider-Man in Trinidad & Tobago

Quick movie review

Score: 7/10

A movie made by humans where most of the humans are the bad guys, and the apes are the "bigger people" who are more forgiving.

It ends with Caesar dying after Maurice promises him his son will grow up knowing who his father was. The main bad guy, superbly played by Woody Harrelson, kills himself in the end after he contracts a disease that makes him similar to the apes.

The orphaned girl and Caesar's son, or a grown-up version of them, will surely make the sequel. This may turn into a female-Tarzan movie franchise in the long run. She's blonde with blue eyes, so expect the expected.

It was interesting and thought-provoking so it gets a 7 out of 10.

Animal lovers will love this movie, except maybe donkey-lovers because the name given to the apes enslaved by men was 'donkey' and Caesar looked down on this in one of his dialogues with one of the 'donkeys'.

Many apes die in this war for the planet and the worse-guys who came to kill the bad-guys all die in an avalanche, which of course, they did not cater for, although they knew they were going to launch an air assault on the valleyed army base before they sent out the ground troops. For this minor error, they lost three points. Otherwise, good movie, safe for everyone.

There is a little blood and gore but not too graphic, certainly not as graphic as the tabloids that are available for everyone, so the kids won't see something they're not accustomed to seeing every day.

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