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Tuesday, October 17 2017 @ 01:03 PM AST

Bermuda elections results in race, same-sex marriage, class debates

Bermudians began going to the polls from 8 am today to elect a government for a new four year term. Race, sex and class have formed part of the debate in what is expected to be a tightly fought race.

“We will introduce legislation to protect churches from being forced to perform any services that are contrary to the central tenets of their faith,” Premier Michael Dunkley (right), leader of the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) (incumbent) told The Royal Gazette.

Gay marriage became legal in Bermuda following a landmark May 5 Supreme Court ruling. The Opposition Progressive Labour Party (PLP) did not explicitly state whether it will abide by the May 5 ruling or seek to reverse it in its manifesto.

However, PLP party leader David Burt, the would-be premier, has stated publicly that he does not support same-sex marriage or civil unions. A PLP spokesman also said the majority of PLP members are against same-sex marriages.

Burt promised, if elected into government, to focus on crime reduction, balancing the national budget, improving the lives of seniors, and working closely with the trade unions. The PLP has also accused the incumbent of racist policies citing pepper-spraying of protesters by Bermuda Police on December 2.

The OBA has also promised increased economic development through revival of the tourism industry, and to strengthen national security. The OBA cited increased airlift to Bermuda which occurred during its four-year term.

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