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Tuesday, October 17 2017 @ 12:52 PM AST

Trinidad & Tobago flooding out again, and Tropical Storm Don not even here yet

State-owned C TV released the above photo of a car in the Maraval, Port of Spain area.

ALSO: * A landslide in San Juan has left people along Liverpool Lane, La Canoa extension, marooned. (Source: State media)

* MORE: A vacation river lime turned into a nightmare today as fire officers were reported by Trinidad and Tobago TV news as on the move, responding to 24 persons who are trapped by an overflowing Caura River and its tributaries amid the ongoing heavy rains.

A photo (at right) by Gersy Goatache on social media was captioned: "Caura river: The water is about 7 feet higher than normal at 4:45 pm"

The rains currently soaking Trinidad and Tobago are not from Tropical Storm Don. Those rains are yet to come tonight, from around 10 pm.

* LIVE: Satellite map of Tropical Storm Don. Times have changed. See a satellite map of the ongoing weather system overhead in the Caribbean here:

The system is heading for Grenada and Barbados next though the Miami-based National Hurricane Center has said its reconnaissance aircraft has found Tropical Storm Don is weakening.

Still, both Liat and Caribbean Airlines have cancelled lights to the Eastern Caribbean islands today and tomorrow, and have asked the news media to ask passengers to verify their flights.

"Flash flooding has already started, as Trinidad and Tobago's infrastructure remains poor as money that should have been spent on drainage infrastructure for this yearly occurrence known as the 'rainy season', has been lost to corruption. Politicians do, however, stand ready to put the bulk of the blame on the population for littering and clogging up waterways, and also washing their hands of the remainder of the blame by saying there is nothing the government can do in the face of a wicked mother nature, though not in those words," said local Corruption Watch activist Benjamin Medford.

Reports of flash flooding after the few minutes of rain have so far come from the following areas in alphabetical order: Ariapita Avenue, Caroni, Diego Martin, Maraval, Mt Lambert, downtown Port of Spain.

Tobago authorities have advised Roxborough, Delaford and Speyside residents to brace for strong winds starting from 10 o'clock tonight.

Don to come later.

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