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Tuesday, October 17 2017 @ 01:03 PM AST

1,886 Venezuelans voted in Trinidad & Tobago Sunday

7.5 million Venezuelans around the world took part in the poll.

"According to the organizers in Trinidad and Tobago, 1,886 Venezuelans, among them, residents, students, tourists and (persons) in transit (voted) in this Caribbean country, determined and hopeful, (arriving at polling stations) long before the opening hour. There were about 5 voters who voted 'no', which means that even Maduro’s supporters are accepting and recognizing the validation of this consultation," a release from a group calling itself "Venezolanos in TT."

The 1,886 Venezuelans were allowed to vote upon showing their Venezuelan ID, the statement said. The secret ballot asked voters to say 'yes' or 'no' to the questions below.

1. Do you reject and ignore the realization of a Constituent Assembly proposed by Nicolás Maduro without the prior approval of the Venezuelan people?

2. Do you demand the National Armed Forces and all public officials to obey and defend the Constitution of 1999 and support the decisions of the National Assembly?

3. Do you approve the renewal of public powers in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, and the holding of free and transparent elections, as well as the formation of a government of national unity to restore constitutional order?

Venezuela's Opposition claimed victory after Sunday's poll because like in T&T, the overwhelming majority voted yes, but little or nothing has changed in the South American country since the vote.

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