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Friday, October 20 2017 @ 01:12 AM AST

Practical security tips from the movie 'The Cutlass'


Score: 8/10

A huge step up for Trinidad and Tobago cinema. It seemed flawless and worthy of an Oscar. It appears to be based on the story of the kidnapping of the Solis girl in Toco. The kidnapper was shot by police in the end, and after a few days of emotional and physical torture (rape) the girl escaped, and presumably got help from a villager.

Overall the movie sends a positive message: (1) don't go on a weekend getaway with your boyfriend, and (2) try to remember God before disaster strikes.


- Villas, particularly those in isolated areas, should have adequate security, including external security lighting, grilles and overnight security guards.
- Donít walk alone in deserted areas even in daylight, not even on popular beaches, unless you are in an armed group.
- Ask about mobile phone signals and the different carriers before you go. Digicel has better coverage in most rural areas.
- Be vigilant and don't bury your head in a smart phone while liming.
- Close doors and windows at night. Assume someone will try to break in or attack or assault. It's sad that we have to live like this but we keep voting back the same clowns in charge of our national security so it's necessary, especially if you have females in your group who spent the better part of the day advertising their hot bodies on the beach/boat/jetty.
- Dump the idiot boyfriend early. Don't try to salvage the relationship by overnighting with him.


Score: 8/10

Good movie. Shows that there are no winners in war. Ends with the 17-year-old hero making it to the newspapers so his teachers could see. He was proud to give his life for a greater cause.


Score: 8/10

Good movie. Ends the same way it started. The bad guy is killed by the women, but not before one of them gives herself to him. Excellent cinematography. Well done movie. It's amazing the symbolism.

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