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Tuesday, October 17 2017 @ 01:04 PM AST

Simple and affordable tourism promotion strategies you won't see Trinidad & Tobago doing any time soon

because #roomforcorruption too small; better to rob taxpayers of their hard earned dollars doing #whoknowswhat

* Invite a food blogger like Mark Wiens to visit (estimated cost: less than $50,000 in roaming)

* Give 'media awards' to journalists in a major tourist-source market like Canada

* Sign MoUs with Airbnb and similar fast-growing tourist supplier websites like The Bahamas did last week

* Working with what we have e.g. adventure tourism (we have enough crime to make any stay here an adventure); volunteer tourism (privately-run organisations are easily able to attract volunteers to build houses and do charity, why can't the Govt?)

* Host tour operators

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