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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 08:10 PM AST

Teens flock to Trinidad & Tobago cinemas as school reopening nears

Several movies are doing well in Trinidad and Tobago right now as teenagers flock to theatres before schools here reopen September 4. The ranking varies in different parts of the country but Jab Harry Met Sejal is on top in places like Chaguanas and San Fernando and about 4th or 5th in Port of Spain and 7th or 8th Tobago.

Atomic Blonde and The Hitman's Bodyguard are jostling for first place in Port of Spain and San Fernando.
Girls Trip, Dark Tower and Spiderman (yes, people are still watching that) are battling for 3rd place.

The Nut Job 2 and The Emoji Movie are still drawing in kids and teens hoping to grab a flick before schools re-open. Some couples are also making the latter two their date movies of choice.

Meanwhile, Annabelle, for a horror, is doing well among teens. To be clear, that means it's not exactly doing well overall, but compared to how horrors usually do in this market, it seems to be doing better than normal.

Now for the...


Score: 6/10
Not as bad as the trailer would have you believe. It sneaks in a laugh or two here and there. It also constructively criticizes society for going inward into their phones and reducing human interaction. It's deeper than it looks, has powerful messages about friendship, and for that reason it gets a 6/10. I was tempted to give it a 7/10. It ends with the 'hacker/princess' pairing up with 'Meh'.

Score: 8/10
This is a good movie with a positive message, so I don't expect it to last beyond one week - two weeks max - in this primitive market. Christians and muslims will both like it. US President Donald Trump may not though. It sends a message of welcome to legal refugees to the United States of America. Of course, it's a feel-good, heartstring-tugging movie and worthy of my not telling you how it ends. Go see it. I will say it does not have the happy ending one would expect, but it does have a realistic ending, and encourages trust in God. For that reason, it gets an 8/10.

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