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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 11:04 PM AST

Group says 'Krysis' arrested after calling police 'macomere man'

'Macomere man' is slang in Trinidad and Tobago for homosexual man. Avinash Seepersad's alias in Enterprise, Chaguanas is 'Krysis'

The following is a verbatim release from Umar Abdullah:

Police Brutal Arrest of Abdul Wakeel (Avinash Seepersad)

At or about 2 pm this evening (August 23) Abdul Wakeel (Avinash Seepersad) of Enterprise Chagaunas was on his way to visit his deceased wife's mother when he was stopped and harassed by a group of police officers headed by Sgt. Jordan. They alighted from a marked police vehicle Reg. # PCZ 9266 and started verbally abusing him. There was an exchange of words during which Abdul Wakeel uttered the words "Macomere man."

It was at this time Sgt. Jordan and his men started physically abusing and beating upon Abdul Wakeel (See Photo and Video attached ). He was subsequently taken to the Chaguanas Health Centre. He was transferred to the Mt. Hope Facility after when it was found he suffered a broken nose and other injuries.

I spoke with Senior Superintendent Kenny McIntyre over the phone who assured me that all will be done to guarantee due process and proper police procedure in relation to this matter (Audio Attached). We were informed he will be taken to the Cunupia Police Station after treatment. Attorney Fareed Ali was contacted and is looking into the matter.

Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (The Islamic Front) sees this as another case of police brutality under the supervision of Sgt. Jordan. Previously Sgt. Jordan was seen in another video (attached ) jumping on the back of a young man after he was made to lay on the ground. Waajihatul Islaamiyyah (The Islamic Front) is Calling on the Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to launch a full scale investigation into the actions of Sgt. Jordan and his team.

If we are to see a country conducive to growth and development these “rogue police elements” needs to change the way they do policing and the way they take corrective action.

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