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Saturday, November 18 2017 @ 11:05 PM AST

bmobile's largest prepaid package now costs 62% more

No more $215 Unlimited prepaid package.

Range was $20 (one day) - $99 (one week) - $215 (one month)

Range is now $20 (one day) - $99 (one week) - $349 (one month)

Up until last week's announcement (see links below) prepaid customers of bmobile could access a $215 package that included 3GB of data, 300 minutes of local/international calls, unlimited bmobile-to-bmobile calls (which was really 40,000+ minutes), and unlimited SMS (which was really 4,000 text messages).

That represented great value, and unless you spent your life on the phone, or were live-streaming swimming from Tobago to Trinidad every day, it was more than enough and served the purposes of anyone looking for an 'unlimited package'.

The $215 package is now gone from among the options available via *123# and has been replaced by the $349 unlimited package. That's an over-62% increase in the cost for prepaid customers of bmobile's largest prepaid package. Even if it offers even more data/talk/texts, it cuts out all who were satisfied with the $215 package, and the likelihood of them switching to $349 is low.


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TSTT, parent company of bmobile, was asked about the new development and the Public Relations and External Affairs Department responded as follows:

"The $215 plan is no longer available to prepaid customers.

"With the new plans, the focus is not only the price but the value of the plans:

"Unlimited Plans allow customers at 4G LTE speeds, with lots of data at a reasonable price to complete the following typical activities in a regular week.

500 Emails sent/received (with attachments)
300 Web pages viewed
500 Minutes of video streamed
21 Hours of music streamed
3 Games downloaded
3 Apps downloaded
300 Social media posts (with images)

"Also, note the competitor does not have a comparable data plan with more than 3 GB -
To get the same amount of data with the competitor, a customer would pay $1600 month on a prepaid plan.

"The data is available on the fastest local network and customers also have the benefits of unlimited calls to any local number."

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