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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 08:10 PM AST

Trinidad & Tobago cinema owners promoting Atomic Blonde but...

It's not doing as well as they expected, it seems.



Score: 6/10

There were two people in the theatre, one if you don't count me. The back-to-school rush is still on. Teenagers and parents of school-age children are all up in cinema-goers business but they're not going to see what cinema owners think is the hottest movie right now. Instead, they're watching a mix of everything else including Hitman's Bodyguard.

The cinemas are promoting Atomic Blonde hard though. It's not bad. In fact it's Charlize Theron's best to date. She plays what I believe appears to be a bi-sexual (likes both men and women), female action hero - the kind that doesn't die - like Bourne or Bond or any of the other usually male roles.

The plot isn't bad at all. The end is never the end. It's also very bloody and gory but at least it's mostly realistic and there aren't too many incredulous scenes, except for the fact that she hardly misses - a very straight shooter. Other than that, it's an OK movie with a twist to the twist in the end. Don't try any of her stunts at home though. Most people don't just stand there and take punches.

In the end, everyone dies: her French lover, James McAvoy, the Russians and Spy Glass. She flies off with Goodman on a private jet in the end, suggesting she was CIA pretending to be M16 or whatever the UK spies are/were called.

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