106 CEPEP contractors don't pay NIS or health surcharge

Thursday, September 14 2017 @ 01:13 AM AST

Contributed by: michaelariston

CEPEP told the Public Accounts Enterprises Committee (PAEC) of Parliament that 106 of its contractors are not compliant with their statutory payments comprising of National Insurance of $14,541,519.70 and Health Surcharge of $2,154,957.19 giving an aggregate figure of $16,696,477.00, according to the PAEC report out yesterday.

The PAEC recommended "CEPEP should write to non-compliant contractors instructing them of their statutory obligations and duties in accordance with the law;" and that "A report should be submitted to the Secretary of the PAEC ensuring compliance of the decision."

The committee also heard that government's flagship make-work programme has no internal auditing done and does not report according to International Financial Reporting Standards nor does it submit financial statements to the Auditor General in a timely manner.

PAEC also heard that up until 2016, CEPEP was paying rent for its Chaguanas head office to a company called 'Debt Recovery and Administrative Limited'. The rent started at $288,154.00 per month in 2009 and increased to $422,173.00 by 2012. The building whither CEPEP head office was moved in Ste. Madeline is free as it is state-owned.

Three members of the PAEC above

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