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Tuesday, October 24 2017 @ 05:20 AM AST

Short movie review: American Assassin on top in Trinidad & Tobago

Will Stephen King's horror, 'It' push American Assassin out of the number one spot in Trinidad & Tobago cinemas? The Hitman's Bodyguard snuck up on Dark Tower and became number one after about a week, so it's possible. But for the time being, American Assassin is the top movie, followed by Unlocked, followed by Kidnap.

Trinidad & Tobago doesn't seem to be much of a horror-loving market. I think it's a race thing. We black people don't need to pay to be scared. Our daily lives are scary enough. However, given all the US hype surrounding It, you never know.


SCORE: 4/10

Totally unoriginal and a waste of time. It will therefore do well in this market, but it will be a weak number one, so don't be surprised if an Indian movie pushes it out. Clearly someone thinks it's Dylan O'Brien's turn to be an action hero so a movie was made to make him that. It's all about the oh-he's-so-amazing and badass first movie. It is totally predictable.

They stop the nuclear bomb from killing thousands in the end.

Revenge is the root of all determination. His hot girl gets killed. He meets another hot girl, doesn't sleep with her but she ensures all the sexual tension is there. They fall out but then he gets sent home so he rescues her and does his best to save her but she gives her life for the cause. Exactly what you expect from a movie of this kind. Unlocked is better, and Kidnap will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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