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Tuesday, October 24 2017 @ 05:19 AM AST

Quick movie review: Stephen King's 'It' is way behind its time

Stephen King's 'It' is way behind its time.


SCORE: 3/10

This movie is way behind the times. Horror movies are so advanced now. There are good movies made today about the old days but somehow this movie just wan't one of them. It's about a clown/evil spirit who comes every 27 years to kill people, mostly by eating them, and mostly under-18, but even that is sloppily done. When the kids do invade It's home, it turns out all the children he ate are floating in the air. So which is it? Did he eat them or did he just kill them and they are now floating in the air?

As usual, in these movies, it occurs to no one to pray. They just run around like action heroes and beat up the clown. That's about it. That's how it ends. Well, that and see below for more.

This is a big waste of time. Annabelle would give a better scare.

Stephen King must have been terrifying for his time but in these modern times, it's all way too behind.

So they beat down the clown in the end and they take a blood oath to come back to protect the town, Derry. This will probably be the sequel. However, if they don't do something about the technology and upgrade the whatever - I don't know I just can't put my finger on it - this movie will flop in its sequel.

Oh and the obvious boy gets the obvious girl. Tough luck for the fat kid who kissed her to bring her back to life. Like I said, Stephen King is out of it. I think those were the moviegoers who gave the box offices around the world high numbers. A lot of readers went/are going to see it. This goes to show that it's not always the movie that drives the book sales. Sometimes it's the book that drives movie sales.

'It' did pretty good at the box office and is at #2 right now in Trinidad and Tobago but I think it's a very shaky number two and it's only because American Assassin and Unlocked are not very good that It is doing so well.

In T&T right now, the ranking is American Assassin as #1, It as #2, Unlocked #3, Kidnap and the Hitman's Bodyguard tied at #4. Dark Tower and Nut Job 2 are still getting people but I expect them out by this week.

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