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Tuesday, October 24 2017 @ 05:34 AM AST

Jamaica fast becoming natural gas powerhouse in the Caribbean

Jamaica Minister of Finance and the Public Service Audley Shaw (in photo at right below) spoke Thursday (October 5) to that country's Inaugural Conference on Natural Gas at the Jamaica Pegasus in New Kingston.


* Jamaica aims to grow economy by 4% in 5 yrs, helped by natural gas and renewable energy sources

* 10.5% of net electricity (80 MW) generated from renewable energy in 2016; National goal: 30% from renewables by 2030.
- - By way of comparison, Trinidad and Tobago aims to have 10% by 2021; though T&T has been saying this since the last administration, the country still has near 0%.

* Wigton Wind Farm added 24 MW when plant commissioned in June 2016

* Blue Mountain Renewables added 36.6 MW of wind power

* Content Solar completed construction and began supplying 20 MW of electricity to the grid.

* Licence granted to Eight Rivers Energy Company to supply up to 37 MW of electricity from a solar photovoltaic plant it has in Westmoreland

* Jamaica Public Service invested some US$36 million to add 7.2 MW of hydro-electricity to the grid through its Maggotty Hydroelectric Power Plant in St. Elizabeth

* New US$175 million LNG terminal in Montego, St. James, has now positioned Jamaica as a major energy force in the Caribbean. It supplies LNG for the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) power 120 MW LNG plant in Bogue, St. James

* US$330 million 190 MW natural gas-powered plant, financed mostly with locally-raised funds under construction; will be the single largest plant in Jamaica

* Red Stripe to become the first commercial entity in Jamaica to be powered by LNG. LNG will be utilized to power Red Stripe's combined heat and power plant, boosting output by more than 50% and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 6,000 tonnes per annum

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