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Tuesday, October 24 2017 @ 05:37 AM AST

Blade Runner will not hold on to its lead in Trinidad & Tobago right now

Bearing in mind that my last forecast was wrong but close, I dare to make another.

My last forecast was that American Made will rise. It has not risen signficantly. Instead American Assassin has risen. The most popular movies in Trinidad and Tobago now appear to be Blade Runner, Kingsman and It based on screen-size allocation. Green Days by the River and Flatliners are doing well too.


Score: 3/10

As for Blade Runner, it is doing well right now but I think this is a first-week good-trailer syndrome. As soon as people realise they were duped by a good trailer, they will spread the word and this movie will descend.

The movie itself is trash, and people will see that soon enough. It is trash even by the standards of the Trini masses who adore violence and sex. This movie has both but it's just too slow and too boring, and nobody really cares if Harrison Ford's character found his on-screen daughter. That was a terrible ending.

At best, it gives an insight into what someone imagines the future will look like in the year 2049. It ends with Harrison Ford going out to meet his daughter, behind a glass, and Ryan Gosling finding out he's not Ford's son.

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