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Tuesday, October 24 2017 @ 05:39 AM AST

Porsche releases in Trinidad & Tobago fuel additive for 'regions where fuel is not of the best quality'

SOURCE: Porsche

Port of Spain/Miami. In order to keep the engine clean, improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, Porsche introduced in Trinidad & Tobago the Porsche Keropur; a genuine and exclusive fuel additive by the German brand, formulated specifically to meet the demanding engineering standards of all Porsche gasoline engines.

Adding Porsche Keropur to the vehicle’s fuel tank will help keep the engine clean, minimize the friction between the piston rings and the cylindrical walls and protect the metal parts from rust and corrosion.

“Low quality fuel leaves a high level of carbon in the engine deposits, not allowing the ideal performance of the Porsche engines and reducing their useful life”, said Frank Basler, After Sales Director of Porsche Latin America. “To avoid this, our Engineering Department recommends the use of Porsche Keropur, especially in those regions where fuel is not of the best quality”.

The operation is simple: whenever reloading your gas tank you should add first the contents of a bottle of Porsche Keropur. This will ensure that, while filling up the tank, the additive will mix properly with the fuel and perform properly.

“The effects of using Porsche Keropur are more noticeable during the course of time as it is used continuously", said Basler. "A clear difference in the pistons and valves will be more noticeable when the owner takes the car to the next maintenance checkup”.

Porsche Keropur is available in the Porsche Center Trinidad & Tobago. You can buy single 100-milliliter bottles or boxes of four units to keep your car in optimum condition and better performance.

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