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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:46 PM AST

Quick movie review: Mother!

First, very quickly, what's topping the cinema charts in Trinidad and Tobago...

The Mountain Between Us, Blade Runner and Kingsman in that order.


SCORE: 5/10

Not very scary for those who were expecting a horror. The moviemakers did a good job conveying how annoying were the uninvited guests.

The movie is also extremely poetic. Its best part was the end. It was totally unnatural, counter-intuitive and didn't make sense.

However, it's not until the end, when it turns out this is a cycle Javier Bardem's character is in, that one realises this wasn't as much a movie as it was poetry. In that regard it was well done and for that reason it gets a passing grade of 5/10.

Jennifer Lawrence's character in the end commits suicide but doesn't quite die, after Bardem's character allowed their baby to be murdered and eaten. It's really gross and really disgusting. I suppose for this reason, some classify it as a horror.

It won't last though. It will draw viewers because Jennifer Lawrence is in it, but my forecast is that it will quickly fizzle because it requires too much thinking and too much understanding of symbolisms for this Caribbean market.

Excellent acting by all though, and very funny ending.

I would recommend this movie for married people on the verge of divorce, as Bardem is a really, really terrible husband.

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