How to tell if your phone is being tapped

Thursday, October 19 2017 @ 04:53 PM AST

Contributed by: AleemKhan


* You hear an echo and/or static on some conversations. This resembles poor reception so it may not raise a red flag to most people.

* Text messages and calls are dropped or just don't go through, although people tell you they have been calling, and vice versa, i.e. your calls and texts to people just don't go through.

* If you have a smartphone, your GPS (locator) mysteriously comes on although you turned it off.

* Dial *#62# Send. This will show where your calls are going. It will likely be a phone number from your cell phone operator at no cost. This way you don't notice because the cost of the call does not show up on your bills. Of course, there may not be a person on the other end of this number. It is probably a number with the operator that re-directs to the culprit, or the data is saved for review by the latter later.

* Dial ##002# Send to stop the forwarding but you may have to do this over and over because, like the GPS, you may find it will just come back on without your doing anything.

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