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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:41 PM AST

Unoriginal Geostorm draws crowd in Trinidad & Tobago cinemas


Score: 5/10

For its unoriginality, this movie could not score higher than 5 out of 10. The storyline is totally predictable and gooey cheesy.

Estranged brothers reconcile as one of them is hired to fail, couples in hiding go public with their love, new love is found between a German woman and the main protagonist, they all unite to fight and throw in jail the bad guy.

The bad guy turns out to be the Secretary of State who wanted to play God and burn most of the world to ashes but he gets a closing punch and thrown in jail.

The protagonist's daughter goes fishing with her father and uncle in the final scene and this is where the cheese needs no microwave.

It's not a bad environment awareness movie though and for that it got a passing grade (5/10).

This is an everybody-lives-happily-ever-after kinda movie.

Useful line that can work for anything: "Sometimes younger brothers resent being younger."
Formula: Sometimes ___ resent being ___.


Score: 6/10

Drugs, sex and alcohol.

Are you the pampered husband of a retired super model, or is she the pampered wife of a retired rock star? That is the question.

Antonio Banderas pokes fun at the industry and the drugs, sex and alcohol that characterize it off-screen. Hilarious but extremely rude and politically incorrect.

The bad guy gets his US$1 million ransom plus a boat, Banderas gets back his wife, the Aussie and the Brit lady live happily ever after too.

This will go down as one of Banderas best solo movies for humor but it's very much an 18+ flick.

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