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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:36 PM AST

Jigsaw is no horror, just disgusting trash


Score: 1/10

This isn't a horror just in time for halloween as it is attempting to brand itself. It's just really disgusting, sociopathic trash. Zootopia was better than this, and like Zootopia, it's all about a taped voice recording in the end, when the detective confesses to all the wrongs he's done. To me that's a sign of a mindless movie for mindless people - when one of the characters has to explain everything in the end.

The trend of American movies suggesting retribution is not going unnoticed though.

The notion that we will pay for our sins in some kind of really nasty way, as in Flatliners, seems to be a belief among at least two moviemakers.

Sorry to disappoint but God is merciful. So on the one hand it is laudable that they are trying to convey the message that we will be held accountable for our actions. However, on the other hand, God isn't vengeful and his idea of justice isn't ours.

All those 'bad guys' could very well end up in heaven and its in their victims' interest to learn to forgive them, not so much for the cohabitation that will likely ensue but because forgiving is just more fun and leads to that unbreakable inner peace and happiness.

So for at least getting one part right - that it's not OK to hurt people - this movie gets one point out of 10.

SPOILER: The detective fesses up in the end but the medic still kills him and drives off with the girl who seems to get off on the sick stuff.

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