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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:35 PM AST

Quick movie review: The Snowman

Best movie to hit screens in a long time flopped in Trinidad & Tobago.


Score: 9/10

The bad guy falls into a frozen lake and presumably dies in the same place his mother committed suicide after the man she was having an affair with (his father) threatened to never visit them again. OK, let's say that differently. It's confusing. A cop had an outside woman and had a child with her and would visit them every Tuesday. The bad guy is the child grown up, but the moviemakers did a good job at keeping suspicion off him until the end.

The movie had an interesting lesson on how safe your office furniture is, plus the ever-ignored sign of danger: the crook will try to get your attention, so if someone throws a snowball at your window, do not approach. It is understandably tempting to approach because of our natural human curiosity, but don't.

In a Caribbean context, this could be a stone thrown at your window, so your instinct is to approach the window to investigate. I'm not saying don't investigate, but investigate from a safe distance, or from where the would-be attacker does not expect you.

It's a pity this only lasted a week in Trinidad and Tobago cinemas but who knows, maybe there will be a sequel in which the bad guy got out of the water and came back for revenge.

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