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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:35 PM AST

Quick movie review: A Bad Moms Christmas

Trash but it will do well in this Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean market.


Score: 2/10

Terrible movie with children cussing and in very sexual situations all under the guise of humor, but it's not funny at all. In fact that's where the kids learn promiscuity and vulgarity. Outside of that, there are a few laughs, so it gets one point for that. (Reason for the second point below.)

This will probably become like the 50 Shades of Grey franchise - poor acting, weak storyline but a topic people want to see treated. Someone will probably get it right eventually. Mothers are overworked and taken for granted in many households and the situational comedy of mom rebelling and being bad will sell. Bad Santa is probably another example of what this franchise could become.

It ends with everyone living happily ever after, and with their grandmothers in their lives.

The introduction of the grandmothers may allow for a part 3. Hopefully they get their act together.

A Bad Moms Christmas also now has Wanda Sykes as a psychiatrist or therapist with a powerful message: motherhood changes women and sometimes it turns them into overbearing attention-seeking old ladies but you have to still love them because they get like that after years of helicopter parenting that modern life can sometimes demand.

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