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Friday, November 17 2017 @ 10:35 PM AST

Bad Moms, The Foreigner, Geostorm on top in Trinidad & Tobago cinemas

However, this is a quick review of...


Score: 10/10

Brilliant movie. Spectacular ending. The insurance agent is killed. The wife is killed. The gangsters are killed and the mastermind is killed. Only the child survives in the end.

Unfortunately, however, Suburbicon, while it may win a few Oscars, it will not likely last very long in Trinidad and Tobago theatres.

On top right now are Bad Moms Christmas, The Foreigner and Geostorm in that order.

Judging from experience in this primitive market, the more mindless Happy Death Day may rise to number three or number two though the fascinating Geostorm will make that difficult.

Some important lessons from Suburbicon:

* Be silent by default with strangers. Don't even respond. Sorry, the world has changed.

* The bad guys usually tell you if you cooperate no harm will come to you but they're usually lying. They will hurt you anyway, so fight them off, using the element of surprise.

* Good lines: The insurance fraudsters wanted to migrate to Aruba in the Caribbean "far away from the memory of this place"

* "He stung us good on that one" was the response of the insurance claims investigator, a totally different attitude insurance companies have when they are trying to sell you the insurance. They tell you they will be there for you when you need them and when you do, they make it difficult for you to get your money.

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