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Wednesday, July 26 2017 @ 08:30 PM AST

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Weather forecast: Storm's worst already past Trinidad and Tobago


Although schools will be closed tomorrow, Caribbean Airlines flights have been cancelled, sailings to Tobago will now officially be not happening, the worst of Tropical Storm Bret is pretty much what you are seeing now, and in a few hours will be behind Trinidad and Tobago.

Satellite images from the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami show the storm dispersing as it it now grazing T&T and losing its eye.

Bearing in mind that the nature of forecasting is that one can be wrong, my forecast is continued rain, maybe some thunder later, for sure some flooding and a few roofs flying off (not because of the force of the storm because our infrastructure money was mostly lost to corruption).

Heavy rainfall is still expected over the next five days, however, but no major storm will be hitting T&T any time soon. The rains to come later tonight will help deepen the pleasure of sleepers.

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Trinidad & Tobago braces for storm: No school tomorrow

Heavy rains expected to start tonight around 8 pm in Tobago and 11 pm in Trinidad. However, the time keeps changing so keep checking the links below.

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Caribbean Airlines cancels flights 31 flights

CAL passengers urged to monitor the situation.

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More heavy rains to come over next five days

Forget what the politicians say, heavy rains and flooding are coming to Trinidad and Tobago over the next five days, according to international weather forecasters.

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Happy Fathers Day - Be a leader!

Photos and story by Omardath Maharaj, Agricultural Economist