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Sunday, September 24 2017 @ 04:31 AM AST

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Venezuelan state governor fears US may attack from Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao, Colombia

The United States of America can attack Venezuela from any of several military bases in Curacao, Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago, a Venezuelan state governor, and former national defence minister, told a regional youth and sport rally Friday (August 18).

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Barbados not the best example of what needs to be done in an economy

De-risking has the potential to develop into a threat to Barbados posing a challenge to the country's continued development and economic stability if left unchecked, according to a new Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) study released today.
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Here's something else Jamaica can do that Trinidad & Tobago can't

Having been downgraded to junk earlier this year at Moody's

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Bank of Jamaica to sell US$65 million over next 4 wks

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Look wha' yuh Ghana'n do

Public Utilities Ministry back under Prime Minister as appointee turns out to be Ghanaian