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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 03:08 PM AST

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Scotiabank: NAFTA boosted North American growth

While U.S. President Donald Trump threatens to impose a tax on imports from Mexico to build a border wall, another of Canada's largest banks has come out in defence of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) among Canada, the USA and Mexico.

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Jamaica Observer: FATCA hurting Caribbean, revoke it, Mr Trump

On the same day the Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BATT) called on the Parliamentary Opposition to support it, one of Jamaica's leading daily newspapers spoke out in its editorial against it.

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Free business idea: Let me remind you

I publish these ideas without fear that someone may steal them because if they do, they will, at least, be making the world a better place. So here's the idea.

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Visitors from Venezuela to Aruba plummets

The Central Bank of Aruba reported Friday:

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Antigua & Barbuda to rehabilitate road for about $13m per km

At TT$8.46 per British pound sterling (), the 13.9 million grant from the United Kingdom, works out to TT$117,588,990.16. Covering approximately 8.7 km of road, that's about TT$13.5 million per km.