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Tuesday, June 27 2017 @ 01:16 PM AST

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Trinidad & Tobago braces for storm: No school tomorrow

Heavy rains expected to start tonight around 8 pm in Tobago and 11 pm in Trinidad. However, the time keeps changing so keep checking the links below.

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Caribbean Airlines cancels flights 31 flights

CAL passengers urged to monitor the situation.

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More heavy rains to come over next five days

Forget what the politicians say, heavy rains and flooding are coming to Trinidad and Tobago over the next five days, according to international weather forecasters.

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Happy Fathers Day - Be a leader!

Photos and story by Omardath Maharaj, Agricultural Economist

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Former EFCL Corporate Secretary not the only one unavailable to respond

Annesa Rahim, former corporate secretary, now senior legal officer of the Education Facilities Company Ltd, is not the only one unavailable to respond.