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Thursday, March 30 2017 @ 12:38 AM AST

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Housing Sector in Tobago to be upgraded in 2011

General News

The housing sector in Tobago has been allocated $31.2 million under the Housing and Settlements Expansion Programme to continue implementation of approximately 17 projects, as part of Government’s Public Sector Investment Programme 2011. These include home construction, disbursement of home improvement subsidies and grants and home ownership housing subsidies.

Provision has been made for implementation of new initiatives involving the revitalization of Milford Court Commercial Plaza and construction of a facility to accommodate the elderly in the Delaford/L’Anse Fourmi area.

Other activities are scheduled to continue as follows:

• $19 million to facilitate reimbursement of the Housing Development Corporation, HDC and continue construction of housing units at Castara, Blenheim and Adventure

• $0.5 million for construction of a 400-foot box drain at Signal Hill Housing Estate

• Preparation of designs for a Home Owners Association building under the Roxborough Town Expansion Programme

• Preparation of designs and infrastructural works for Charlotteville Village Expansion and Mt. Irvine and Shirvan Road Housing Developments

• Commencements of developments at Belle Garden, Courland and Adelphi Estates

• Financial assistance for home completion

• $6 million for disbursement of grants and subsidies for home repairs

CREDITS: Information sourced from Government’s publication “Facing the Issues: Turning the Economy Around”
Photo by Yuya Tamai

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Government Housing programme continues for Tobago in 2010

General News

Government, as part of its ongoing Public Sector Investment Programme catered to an ever-increasing demand in Tobago for services from the Settlement Department in 2010. The population on the sister isle benefitted from various programmes undertaken in fiscal year 2010 geared towards meeting the housing needs of residents, in particular the significant group who fell outside the market for commercial mortgages.

The Department of Settlements, Tobago House of Assembly was allocated $41.9 million to continue its mandate to address the housing needs of Tobagonians. The sum of $31.5 million was utilized for continuation of works at four (4) major housing developments: Roxborough, Blenheim, Castara and Adventure. Roxborough (renamed Renaissance of Roxborough) was completed and is now home to approximately sixty (60) families while the other developments were nearing completion. The sewer treatment plant at Adventure Housing Estate was successfully completed in June 2010.

The Home Improvement Grant and Subsidy programmes disbursed $6 million to assist approximately 400 beneficiaries to effect necessary upgrades to existing homes. Other achievements included:

• Assignment and occupation of the Quadlock House at Milford Court, Bon Accord Housing Development

• Selection of a site at Buccoo for the construction of a Greenheart House

• Hosting of a series of community meetings

• Distribution of twenty (20) state grants to residents of former National Housing Authority (NHA) developments

CREDITS: Information sourced from Government’s publication “Facing the Issues: Turning the Economy Around”
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Government to implement new home upgrade programme in 2011

General News

As part of the Government’s Public Sector Investment Programme, the housing sector will receive an overall allocation of $845.3 million to finance the implementation of programmes aimed at ensuring adequate shelter for all citizens, including the provision of high-quality affordable housing.

A new programme, the IDB-assisted Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme, will be introduced in fiscal year 2011. The new programme constitutes Phase 2 of the IDB-assisted National Settlements Programme Phase 1 which came to a close in January 2010. Funding of $20.9 million in the 2011 PSIP will facilitate completion of Phase 1 including:

• Final payments for infrastructure upgrades at Bon Air North, Arouca (457 lots); preparation of general plan surveys on sites completed at Race Course Road, Arima, Milton Village Couva, Squatterville, Macaulay, Picton Road Sangre Grande, Wallerfield; and construction of infrastructure at Cashew Gardens, Carlsen Field; Springle Village, Point Fortin; Wellington Road, Debe; and Glenroy, Princes Town

• Disbursement of approximately 35 subsidies at $20,000 per month to lower income earners to facilitate home construction
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Minister Baksh to commission new bridge in South Trinidad

General NewsThe Honourable Nizam Baksh, Minister of Community Development, through the National Commission for Self Help (NCSH) will formally open a new bridge at Garth Road, Williamsville (near the Iere Village Branch Road junction), on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at 4:00 pm.
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Trinidad craft makers - first in Caribbean to receive international certification

General NewsEight craft trainees of the Export Centres Company Limited will be awarded certificates from the UK-based certification body, City & Guilds at a ceremony to be held at the Hyatt Regency on Monday November 22, 2010 at 2:30 pm. The Honourable Nizam Baksh, Minister of Community Development will attend and deliver the keynote address.

This group of graduates is the first to be formally certified in the area of Craft Training in the Caribbean, following five months of training in the Apprenticeship Phase through the ECCL. Graduates can then move on to the level of Journeyman and then, Master Craft. Twelve persons will also be awarded certificates as Assessors and one as an Internal Verifier.

The Export Centres programme is mandated to empower members of village communities and in particular, female heads of households, through the production of craft for the export market.

The Community Development Division selects the trainees and provides the funding for the management and training activities. The revenues from the export of products are deposited in the Consolidated Fund. Centres are located throughout the country.

The ECCL’s main objective is to provide export-specific training for persons who previously received basic training in craft development at the Community Development Division’s training or those who benefitted from other relevant training exposure.

Its main targets are members of village communities, particularly female heads of households. The ECCL falls under the purview of the Ministry of Community Development.