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Friday, June 23 2017 @ 06:19 AM AST

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Caribbean artists exhibit in Washington

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OAS Assistant SG vows renewed commitment to Haiti

General NewsThe following are the remarks of the OAS Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin.
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Citizen denounces unlicensed "scooter" in Couva

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Here is an old man on his motor scooter blocking traffic along the Couva main road. Only in Trinidad..he have not licence to be on the road and he did not want to move.

Deven Basdeo
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Community Development Ministry helps 347 groups with CARE grants for Christmas 2010

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A total of 347 community organizations, including sports clubs and churches successfully applied for financial assistance from the Community Action for Revival and Empowerment (CARE) Programme for 2010 for the hosting of events, including family days and charitable Christmas functions.

The Ministry of Community Development, through CARE, handed out $1,665,412 in grants for Christmas 2010. Approximately $133,000 in cheques were handed out in November 2010 and $1,532,412 in December 2010.

The Community Action for Revival and Empowerment (CARE) Programme was started by the Community Development Division in 1992 to facilitate critical community intervention projects.

Its objectives are to provide assistance to Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Faith-Based Organizations (FBO’s) with concrete proposals to initiate action, designed to empower their communities, as well as to promote a mindset toward development, self-reliance, responsibility and partnership.

In photo: Community Development Minister the Honourable Nizam Baksh (bending over) gives out a grant at ceremony hosted by the National Commission for Self-Help Limited in Chaguanas in December 2010.

CREDITS: Information sourced from the Community Action for Revival and Empowerment (CARE) Programme.
Photo courtesy the Ministry of Community Development

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State of the Art Community Centre opened in Waterloo

General News

The following is the address (verbatim) delivered by Community Development Minister the Honourable Nizam Baksh at the opening of the new Community Centre at Waterloo on Saturday January 8, 2011 at 3:30 pm

All protocols observed.

It is a pleasure to have you all here as we open the doors of this beautiful community centre. This is one of the new, vanguard community centres that we are opening through the Community Centre Construction and Refurbishment Programme.

This community centre and others like it across this country remind us of an undeniable truth: that when the men and women of Community Development are called to serve, they serve and they serve with distinction. As a former Community Development Officer myself, it is inspiring to see that the work of improving life in our communities, remain in very capable hands.
We know the challenges communities face. We know that the costs of renting a commercial facility, equivalent to this community centre, can be prohibitive. We know that without a common venue for community gatherings, group meetings, classes, and other community activities, social cohesion would remain an elusive goal.

As we open the doors of this community centre, we are also opening the doors of opportunities for the people of Waterloo and environs.

Waterloo is very fortunate to have a modern community centre like this one. It features an auditorium, a teaching kitchen, a classroom, a computer room with internet access, male and female restrooms, a gym, and an office. Added to the features of this Community Centre we have provided for you a range of furniture and equipment at a high cost to the tax payers. This centre is also equipped with an “inbuilt” Public Address System.

Government is pleased to endow the people of Waterloo with this new imposing Community centre. We trust that you will avail yourselves of its facilities responsibly and purposefully.
Exorbitant costs and long-distance logistics will become a thing of the past for Waterloo community groups. You will now be able to focus on the events that matter most: these are your meetings, your events, and other activities.

This community centre will serve over 900 families in the immediate environs. Undoubtedly, hundreds more from throughout Central Trinidad will be attracted to Waterloo, to access this affordable yet outstanding facility.

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