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Monday, May 29 2017 @ 11:41 PM AST

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Massy CEO Gervase Warner says it, but very diplomatically

So diplomatically, it's almost easy to miss.

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Central Bank leaves out food inflation

The aspect of inflation that affects most people was omitted from the May 2017 Monetary Policy Announcement (MPA).

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Trinidad & Tobago Govt fires 106, rehires 20

On-the-job Trainee programme streamlined. The following is the release from the Government:

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Cayman Islands 2017 elections results

An unconfirmed report coming out of the Cayman Islands early this morning (May 29) suggested that Alden McLaughlin could stay on as Premier as a new deal was struck over the weekend, whereby Mckeeva Bush will be made Speaker of the House.

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List of veterinarians in Trinidad and Tobago as at May 2017

Photo by bagsgroove, flickr

The following is the full list of qualified veterinarians licensed to practice in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Declining risky business paid off for this marine insurer

"The club has refused to quote on a significant proportion of business (20%-25% of quotes by gross tonnage over the past seven years, owing to its stricter underwriting criteria": Standard & Poor's (S&P's), Thursday.

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Chaguaramas Development Authority spent $4.4 million for strategic plan


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Barbados builds 2 police stations, 1 magistrate's court for US$8 million

How much does Trinidad and Tobago build one police station for? About US$6.5 million, so two would cost US$13 million, and that's without a Magistrate's Court included.

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Barbados unhappy about 'unprecedented' rising crime

by Theresa Blackman, BGIS

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Aruba tourism receipts up despite decline in visitors

Central Bank of Aruba holds interest rates steady